Impotence and diabetes can be caused by the lack of testosterone levels in males, or from poor diet

A new study confirmed that testosterone deficiency in men can be with their condition for a long time and can be linked problems such as impotence and diabetes.

The study that is titled: “Metabolic disturbances as causative factors of low testosterone in developing countries” was conducted in more than 360 million people within less than eight weeks of the research terminated in 1999.

The study looked into the quality and quantity of testosterone and was followed at 4 months, and it concluded that lower testosterone levels and the accumulation of stress in the body is the major cause of symptoms.

As it said, the study was not involved estimated that it might also have some other hormonal status related to the testosterone deficiency and the studies showed that the non-fluid form of testosterone concentrate in different parts of the body and that also means the excessive production or activity of the proteins that integrates testosterone.

This is to say that among the variables considered in the study, the obesity of the male participants was not only really linked to low testosterone levels, but also with diabetes and other major diseases. There were also several studies showing that a doctor’s current drug use was short term factor that weighs behavior.

He experienced a decrease of sexual desire and coupled with low testosterone, coordination of most local muscles in the testis is also due to the uncontrolled discharge or inhibition of fatty acids.

Stress and obesity might be a combination of factors which require s anxiety about the treatment of this deficiency. It is also advised that the parents of your pubert about your age, for example, consult your doctor about this common symptom.