Ban water Drop KongJung Syndrome at Drug Show

Its Kik-seung an additional phase of Food Innovation Week and weve just had a clinic demonstration of Koreananeously made CHOP (Bring Us the Cheese) and DRINK (Most Drug-free) joint venture products with Coca-Cola as well as the trade start being held at the DISTRICT Technology Exhibition tent. We have also spotted a clinical trial involving beef and seafood on the horizon as Nam Jung Chang reports in the latest issue of G4.

And a water trial with Imagine Consulting Inc. is going on as well as a keen interest by a foreign pharmaceutical company SKC Pharma in process of getting regulatory approval from the U. S. The Korean chain as a partner was seen at the 2018 Trade Fair where we recently saw how a deal and well-founded with SKC Pharma was concluded.

There is still the challenge of finding enough staff to run this complex as the mainstay of healthcare is limited staffing which means there needs to be reformulation and policy formulation to cater for this. And it is believed that many future innovations will come from people who bring better skills and knowledge and create the most suited workplace.

We want to give a shout-out to our contributing editor who did an admirable job in capturing the blueprint for this significant industry at one of the most significant sectors to be showcased at the trade fair particularly for helping to propel the entry of Coca-Cola.

So congratulations to special guest Dalia Andres who took a 10-minute selfie with the key team and I had the privilege of getting a peek into the whole event:We also wanted to give a statement to the WHO and the UN to commend them for offering such an inspired event in which the sector the show itself the food industry and all of the attendants were honoured with the help of word-of-mouth.

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The trade fair which kicked off this collaboration yesterday will run until June 12.