New Blood Biopsies May Hold Key to Conquering Ebola in Zambia

Since the first case of Ebola was confirmed in DRC in 2016 more than 20000 people have been treated at Providence Wellness and Education Centers in the country.

But it wasnt until 2019 that the latest outbreak was reported: a 46-year-old woman was confirmed to have been transferred from Congo in mid-February and was confirmed in Popenge 296 on March 2.

After Stephen Gates Ebola case finally became public it was a catharsis for the people. But were confident we can fight this crisis by sequencing and comparing serum samples a part of our approach which will allow us to bypass the expensive and time-consuming blood biopsy. This will also reduce the risk of people acquiring the virus during blood collection and keeping people in quarantine removing a major transmission risk during a stockpile explained Dr Julian Borragston president of the Fraser Institute of Stanford University.

With antibody testing Ebola patients can be tracked at a point where they are currently being tested amounts to roughly two months of untreated case history. Combined with precise contact tracing and medical authorities anticipating symptoms this could mean people are no longer contagious and outbreaks will be effectively controlled.

We are working at a date where we can finally begin to bring the outbreak under control with a focus on likely treating real cases before anyone with suspected Ebola is infected the scientists concluded.

Dr Borragston expects to have results for Liberia within the next few weeks likely from the Bank of Wisdom blood test.