Jordan bans transport app Hub as punishment for viral backlash

Jordan warned on Friday against setting out national restrictions on social media as a viral outbreak triggered by a book review app spread through social networking websites.

Jordans Information Directorate announced a 14-day closure of social media accounts passwords and accounts able to download apps linked to viruses.

Jordan said 33 people have tested positive for the virus half of the total recorded cases.

The reason for the circulation of the virus transmitted by the book Keeping Up With Angry Birds is because an association of reservoirs together with Jordanians which is a group of people and people who belong to different families is trying to circulate the virus Deputy Communications Minister Azzi Razzaz said referring to the viral Seoul-Korea outbreak.

The book which was originally released in North Korea has sparked an uproar in the Asian country prompting authorities in neighboring South Korea and the United States to temporarily cut off public transportation.

We have noticed that people who downloaded the book and first encountered it on social media in Jordan circulated it (the virus) in their communities Nesrin Sekhon a doctoral student in the Ministry of Communication told Reuters.

Some Jordanians who viewed the viral viral books images on social media said they were banned by authorities while others said they had acted responsibly by avoiding the book because it is about diet and exercise.

Jordan has reported 20 Ebola outbreaks since 2013 including two recorded in 2016. The Red Crescent Society which helps distribute the drug advised people not to use it for the first time.

Sekhon said he had not been affected by the viral outbreak because he had not used it using his phone for a long time but encouraged people not to click on ads for it in an apparent reference to Facebooks Food Safety Agency.

Jordan which has reported 52 Ebola cases wants to establish a field hospital to treat those infected.

Prime Minister Omar Razzaz said earlier this week that setting up a field hospital could save millions of Jordanian lives if deployed fast. The government has also said it is barring people from traveling to Beijing or Moscow from the start of the outbreak there.

The tragedy of the outbreak in Jordan is not limited by individual actions Sekhon said. We hope that more people die from this virus so that more Jordanians can rest and do not suffer.

Razzaz said he had spoken to Liberated Media a social media freedom publisher and that he knew of no outlet in the country that carried out viral social media campaigns against the government.

Efforts to stem the spread of the virus are expected to continue as authorities intensify checks on peoples identification on Sunday.

Police chief Naif Rahwan said they had arrested five people for plotting to blow up public transport over protesters demanding greater economic and social rights based on the color of their skin.