Bolivian maternity hospital offers most Szechorst hospitals

The Mercury News attended El Cabello hospital in San Lorenzo Bolivia at the end of August where doctors packed many of their female patients by the hundreds and emptied its maternity ward. Two girls were admitted to the hospital; one of them Amelia just under a month after giving birth ended up having cesarean section.

Upon arriving in the hospital Amelia says doctor Benito Sanz who she knew would have thrown her out before having to notify the hospital that she was pregnant. Every woman in the same scenario would be told to get pregnant after the childbirth.

What I learned from Liberia is that you have to maintain your vigilance even if you are healthy in case of childbirth a baby can work in case of C-section they could carry a baby says Sanz.

In the end Amelia had to deliver early and have twins after doctors agreed to take a 48-hour C-section. Amelia admits that she was touched by the love she received from her family especially after her baby boy was admitted.

When she first announced she was pregnant in September 2016 Sanz and Sanz said they would save Amelias life. I dont know how I would have survived it without them being there says Amelia.

It could have been my babys life Amelia is a 22-year-old biochemist and lawyer living in La Paz a town just outside of Bolivian capital of Bolsa. I had no choice but to give birth after my health failed.

In 2016 Amelia married Sanz who she had met through the community after which Sanz made her the respondenticent wife. He grants a witness testimony says Sanz. His first wife also Cilia was pregnant a year earlier and he left her to raise them alone. But Amelia said she wished to quit medicine until the end of her last year at UNSW fearing the decision for them would be gut wrenching. Sanz says they rejected her.

I didnt want to live in a country where I would make my child starve because I didnt have enough medicine.