Penn Medicine Announces Completion of Exclusive Trial of Novart Segal Peritoneal Autoimmunity Test (reprinted with permission here)

PHILADELPHIA Penn Medicine today announces the publication of the exclusive preprint by the late Carl Segal MD PhD of Labrador New Hampshire and of his son Walter MD PhD of Rochester New York. Both are industry leaders in the field of pain medicine and have accomplished major milestones toward achieving the goal of establishing an evidence-based protocol for the management of non-cancerous peripheral neuropathy.

There have been other enthusiastic responses to our randomized clinical trial protocol that show the efficacy of this protocol said Giridhar Babar MD PhD director of Pain Medicine at Penn Medicine and one of the studys lead authors. Pretty much all of our trial participants have gone on to employ this protocol with little incidence of serious side effects and our overall trial success will provide for repeated quick sustained and compassionate use of this protocol for peripheral neuropathic pain.