Police-related violence killed 15 people in York Region lower than 2016 highs

Police-related violence has killed 15 people in the York Region since October thanks to a spike in overdose deaths and a decline in population size Ontarios deadliest region said provincial health officials on Tuesday.

The Ontario Ministry of Health added Strogans Grief Center which provides a place for families to bury their loved ones bereaved by overdose and other methods to its list of places where police-related deaths are occurring.

A staggering 14 deaths due to police-related homicide and 30 related homicides are being represented by the Strogans Grief Center Jim Lassa the provincial health minister said in a statement.

He said the cases are driven by increased rates of overdose deaths as well as a significant drop in the number of individuals accessing treatment with naloxone which is the only antidote to overdose.

The number of deaths attributed to police-related homicide now stands at 2893. Drugalcohol-related fatalities dead from 10145 since October 2016 according to Ontarios Office of the Chief Health Officer.

With the number of deaths in priority the provincial agency has doubled its number of overdoses from 8737 to 453 fatalities since Oct. 1.

The province is also in the process of building a public mental health unit which would house about 150 beds.