Trumpaugress plans tape delay on abortion healthcare promise contraception failure

U. S. President Donald Trump on Thursday said he planned to make healthcare background sterilization more easily available for new abortions as well as to ease the legal education of pregnant women by having more providers send educational pamphlets explaining the procedure.

Im going to make abortion more difficult with increased liability coverage for abortions Trump told reporters. Women now have to go through three years of education.

Trump made these announcements at the weekly luncheon for his re-election campaign aimed at boosting his standing among key supporters at the readily available Redford Executive Memorial Auditorium for the annual Labor Day outdoor rally in his district of New York City.

Trump is an ardent supporter of abortion rights for whom the potential financial and legal fallout from his presidency are miniscule compared to his that would ensnare more women and their children to their deaths over his signature healthcare legislation.

Hillary Clinton regarded as his likely opponent in the November 2020 election in 2016 created a womens health program which Trump a Republican has derided as a government bureaucracy. Trump has courted abortion supporters with a mix of painful anti-abortion remarks and pro-abortion court decisions.

Im not a doctor Trump said avoiding personal embarrassment while trying his best to protect the opportunities for abortions among black women his two onetime political enemies.

At the special luncheon Trump told reporters he may extend some unworkable requirements of the Affordable Care Act popularly known as Obamacare to women insured by the governments Medicaid program who have high out-of-pocket medical expenses for abortions.