At least 40 of Mondays Baby Boomers Receive Mental Health Care

A 2017 study conducted by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) found that as of July 2018 more than 40 of Monday morning baby boomers have received mental health care at least once a month over the preceding full year. Today Cedars-Sinai is proud to announce a 2019 report card on this rural underserved population. Estimating that approximately 19. 4 million American Monday morning baby boomers have been treated at Cedars-Sinai since January 2016 the 2015-17 goal marker ranked ninth nationwide.

Having received roughly 1 billion weekly applications for new patients through our hospitals Patient Portal and nearly 1. 8 million admissions for our special events Tomahawk Breast Care Center we are pleased to partner with Cedars-Sinai and provide these vital service members with quality physicians at Cedars-Sinai said Cong Hu CEO Cedars-Sinai. Its a testament to the quality of our collection and analysis teams which incorporates clinical practice case protocol physical activity patterns and patient satisfaction measures to provide the most accurate assessment of care that Cedars-Sinai offers. This project truly epitomizes how compassionate and caring our staff are and how we treat our patients.