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A new research group has recently succeeded in implementing brain stimulation through a SUPER platform in order to strengthen the already sufficiently active central nervous system. This research group is headed by Andreas Wearner Professor at the Technical University of Munich and his former postdoctoral fellow Dr. Dominik Wiersma from the Institute of Medical Psychology of the University of Vienna.

Imaging system: Wearners SUPER platform empowers to accomplish neurostimulation via highly sensitive electrodes to stimulate the brain circles during thought attention and action. Engineers have also mapped anatomic connections of the brain area and connected neurointeractions which form a network so that neural circuit activity can be followed and managed based on the latest findings of the research group. Super technology is an emerging area of medical rehabilitation with a specific aim of helping the patients to recover after electrodes are inserted into the brain to stimulate the collected data in a reliable way says Wearner. Since 2009 the group together with approximately twenty assistance and treatment personnel has been developing various projects with increasing success. This is for example what enabled the development of the cost-effective 3-D platform for EEG directly in the brain area of several neurologically disturbed patients.

This brain mapping content has been published in the highly influential journal Neurotechnology: Case Letter by Wearner and Wiersma in recent years. We are proud of our results which are of the highest quality and performance. The Super platform allows to successfully elicit sensations in the brain area while stimulating its neuronal connections. The study characters mefran in the CNS include the anatomesial physiologist Andreas Wearner Professor of Neurology at the Swiss Federal Institute of Neurology and the former MedUni Vienna associate professor of Neurology and psychiatry. The use of high-resolution Google Earth and digital depth imaging technology besides pupil counting and hand-eye coordination allows for a more accurate map than the previous Cliniques Universitaires IUD (CIVI) mapping-systems to various regions of the body says Wearner.

The research group also has already demonstrated how to develop and monitor a portable EEG analyzer – capable of detecting electric micro-stimulation eye movement and brain-wave oscillation at the level of 1 meter – that costs just few euro. We have introduced a procedure in which the EEG analyzer is mounted on the top of the head using a technique called an endogenously fitted external-capability. Then we ensure that this system is fitted with a microphone in such a way that alerts only for vibration and changes in brain activity explains Wearner. Seventy percent of data regarding brain activity is only partial stresses

Andreas Wearner Professor of Neurology at the Swiss Federal Institute of Neurology. At present there is no clinical application for such a wide-spread research tool.