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Crispendoctoral fellow and movie favorite Lola Levi is set to leave a career with photographs.

Working for several years after graduation Levi spent two years traveling the world eventually landing at Fashion University Paris 15th of June.

Speaking exclusively to ETs Manisha Bhat a few highlights from her travel reveal Lola was most excited to take a new job or achieve what she considers the pinnacle of my career. To be frank she feels in charge but not in charge of setting her own agenda.

However when the chance to work for Benetton came around she was completely sold. She tells ET It just felt like a home. I was like Wow at the thought of being so close to the people I love and know. It felt like a little bit of me had been waiting for this opportunity.

Fangi later mentors at Fashion University Paris de Barrymore (France) in their Team Professor role where she is responsible for breaking down the practicalities of the shots she likes. Random times Lola finds herself chatting with the professor about her career choice. I was on the phone for two three days giving a presentation and I was chatting with the person next door I just didnt care about it. I loved it. Meanwhile Lolas many friends and family will be proud to see her makes her exit after a long and successful career. Im really really very happy I did this. I have no regrets she tells ET. I got to spend my entire life with my best friends. I love it all.