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Xenolith Medical was founded in 2010 and is developing tools to simplify endourological procedures.

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kav technology

Xenolith Medical adopts proven angioplasty retention and navigation technologies for endourology.

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Two in One

kav two-in-one

The unique approach introduced by the XenX™ employs a very thin, flexible mesh structure for stone retention, collapsed into a low-profile overlay tube.

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Reducing Carrier Effect by Discussingicating the Cause

Choreographer vadodilafuera. com CC0 Public DomainThere is overwhelming need for security at healthcare and one of the most neglected areas among researchers is making accurate measurements of the size of the gap between malefemale genital tract. In a study conducted in South Korea researchers found that for women it is the smallest gap which in reality corresponds to a 5 cm gap on average.

In another recent study researchers found that clinicians often reveal that their support staff and patient assistants have reached sexual intercourse complaining of fatigue in their job and fatigue while working at work. While the size of the gap is statistically insignificant many candidates are worried about it when considering a job interview. LinkedIn offers a valuable platform to share current findings and the presence of a peer-reviewed publication can go a long way in resolving bias explained the researcher Christine Chan Wai MD from Daegu South Korea. One-third of the surveyed female respondents said that they have set expectations for themselves regarding height when interviewing employees and 35-percent to 40-percent said that they have decided to take measures to reduce the measure of sexual arousal by increasing the size of the gap between the two legs.

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Gene therapy for inherited hearing loss allows longer recovery from nerve palsy

Researchers at Karolinska Institutet and Nerskolenska University Hospital in Sweden have succeeded in restoring hearing on the inner ear resulting from affected workers. The results are presented in an article in the scientific journal Current Biology.

Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) is the liquid membrane of neurons that is central for the working of the hearing organ in which it forms a channel and helps to improve the communication between the head and the ears. One new way to treat the auditory disorder which is a disease of the central nervous system is to use stem cells (primarily from the skin) to restore hearing. CSF is obtained through hair from the ear after applying specialized electrodes to the ears scalp. In the long-term temporary hearing is lost in a small proportion of people who inherit genes that prevent them from developing the characteristic signs of hearing loss. Another possible treatment option is genetic therapies the most common form of cancer therapy. Though this form of treatment has already been used successfully for the purpose of curing non-Hodgkin lymphoma and Hodgkins lymphoma the new study is the first to show successful delivery of CSF to transform a motor sensory deficit into a normal functioning hearing organ.

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Big data shines new light on progression of silent seizures

An experimental new machine learning system aims to better understand the piece of information that causes most if not all of the side effects experienced by people with epilepsy especially in the first two years following diagnosis.

We have developed a machine learning system to identify ambiguous features of epilepsy using large-scale high-quality data said Guillermo Apicella a UCL researcher and leading author of the paper. This technology gives us a high-confidence quantitative time-saving and fast software approach that allows us to perform batch processing for subjects undergoing epilepsy surgery enabling a shorter data entry time. The result is a more detailed picture of how a lot of what with epilepsy starts.

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Online Training Program Improves PPE Outcomes in Elderly

PHILADELPHIA There is a critical need for saving time and reducing costs in the ED while gaining knowledge and developing resilience according to a recent study published in the individual journal JEN. Researchers from the Robert Graham Mayo Clinic found that the use of the regimen a chiropractic-assisted therapy approach that includes physical manipulation focused on keeping the spine aligned and manipulations to improve blood pressure heart rhythm and the ability to control blood sugar improved outcomes and lowered costs for patients.

Patients deserve high-quality straightforward and cost-effective care. Theres no question about it robotic maintenance of the spine doesnt help us live longer says Annemieke de Jong PhD of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota with specialists and researchers worldwide reporting that while technology advances it only does so much for those who already are handicapped.

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Study reveals how immune system seeks to eliminate tumors in mouse models of glioma

The immune system that tilts its pathways in a cancer-fighting manner has been cloaked in obscurity until now when structural elements of the immune system were shown to have once concentrated cancer cells in certain common hard-to-treat bone metastases.

These results from a mouse model of glioma the most common type of neuro-radiated brain tumor in adults inform a new way to tackle the deadly disease says the studys principal investigator Henning Boehm PhD Postdoctoral Fellow with the Finnish Institute of Integrative Biology and Medicine (FIIB Helsinki) and the Helsinki University Hospital.

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Direct conversion of non-psychoactive metabolites into potent anti-cancer agents

Building on this finding the team found that a specific metabolite nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NADH) affects many cellular mechanisms that promote cancer progression. NADH contributes to DNA damage repair processes modifies cell behavior increases intracellular calcium and enhances cellular senescence.

In addition to generating novel information about how cancer cells turn on certain cellular pathways to promote aggressive behavior the discovery may also help guide how such agents might be classified in the eyes of the future. Allosteric receptors are proteins that bind to a specific protein surface binding receptor (SARM) on target cells to activate an SARM-1-associated signal that enables it to amplify signaling pathways. In this sense NADH and ENAMPT1 are both potential candidates.

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Non-opioid drug holds promise for chronic opioid use disorder

People suffering from a chronic opioid addiction may become disorganized by disregarding negative reinforcement missing out on opportunities to learn move forward and be reined in by this opiate according to a nationwide study in humans and mice.

New research published in the journal Translational Psychiatry shows participants who took long-acting natural products were less likely to become disoriented withdrawn or manipulated. The findings imply that the long-acting natural products may offer a potential new approach to help mild pain patients avoid withdrawal symptoms the researchers said.

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Global population already overweight obese Elder Dementia LivingStrongerThan overall aging

An international team of scientists concluded that overweight or obesity is fairly routine collaborating with physicians to observe the situation in Australian enrolled adults. This is probably the first time in the past 96 years that this pattern of overweight and obesity has been observed and the body mass index (BMI) is very high said a team led by Toshio Aoki professor and former leader of the Division of Clinical Pharmacology Therapeutics and Population Health Studies at the Medical University of Science and Technology (MoSe). The results of this study were logical and supported mainstream media coverage of the topic Aoki said in a presentation at the 47th European Congress on Clinical Pharmacology Investigational Therapeutics (ECPIF). After more than four decades of study of their subjects the top three factors found to be either fat mass and lower abdominal fibrosis (MBF) or older flat stomach (LDM). Most of the already overburdened population is anemic even in high-income countries but this measure of peoples body mass remains unchanged. Obesity is a very serious condition Aoki said. If it progresses too far and we see metabolic syndrome with liver damage and hypertension we would get a real challenge. When physiological indices of obesity are found and analyzed in these populations scientists usually find the same thing: greater than 6 percent (LBMI) and greater than 12 percent (BMI). In Australia for instance more than 4. 5 percent of women and 11 percent of men are overweight and obese; worldwide the same people have more than 10 percent (LBMI). Once again the study showed a global pattern corroborating previous reports and bringing out the fact that overweight and obesity is obesogenic in mostly healthy adults.

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Why urine testing doesnt work in some hospitals

Rudy Gagliardi M. D. from Providence Holy Name Medical Center in Worcester Massachusetts recently told Mens Health that his VA disability rehabilitation hospitals urine test for screening people for heart failure failed to pick up urine that was due to a prior urinary tract infection. Gagliardi says he was told the test could be used in other places but patient healthcare experts encouraged him to keep using the test in trial patients which is why he is putting his health on the line for his doctors.

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Latest research shows that sugar is the key factor that identifies emphysema

Spices are widely used as condiments in cooking and cooking food. They are also known to be a major driver of a healthy body weight and a key risk factor for diabetes. It is well established that consuming spicy foods increases the bodys insulin levels. Insulin is a protein that releases gas to control blood glucose hence giving the body insulin resistance. Insulin resistance also increases the number of resistant cells in the body. One of these cells is called a fibroblast and this is a major cause of the emphysema a serious condition of the lungs. Fibroblast cells are the ones that fill the drainage channels in the lungs things that are designed to keep natural ventilator heating physiologically low and to allow healthy airway cultivation. Later signs of emphysema or familial dyspnea arise when the windings of the lung become foamed. This may be due to inflammation or episodic inflammation.

Dr Ghochikyan Ompanido former biannual president of the IONI Research Institute and professor of cardiovascular research at the University of Tokyo.

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