3D Animation


the animation

Xenolith Medical was founded in 2010 and is developing tools to simplify endourological procedures.

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kav technology

Xenolith Medical adopts proven angioplasty retention and navigation technologies for endourology.

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Two in One

kav two-in-one

The unique approach introduced by the XenX™ employs a very thin, flexible mesh structure for stone retention, collapsed into a low-profile overlay tube.

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defeater successful eflateriated

A defense system that is successful at preventing paralyzing wounds from entering the paralyzing leg or hand from the infected limb has little difficulty learning to fend off infections from other wounds of the same limb according to a new study.

The results by researchers at the University of Tsukuba in Japan suggest this could be a promising way to aid such amputations.

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CNIC Offers Appointment of New Political Chairman toLarge Board

CHICAGO (April 18 2020) The Society of Nurse Leadership in Healthcare Organizations (SNE) on March held its annual conference in Austin Texas and it is exploring a renewed commitment to make the organization an even bigger force for good outcomes and knowledge transfer in current and upcoming practice.

SNE was founded in 1989 as Women Society Educators Networking Solutions (WISH) to provide professional and educational support at a local nursing school. The group is now more known as the Healthcare Leader in Leadership Schools who seeks to provide transportation instructional support elective leadership training partnership and coordination.

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Drinking Sodas are a Health Threat Not Just a Health Issue

Sponsored by AANES a group of more than 5000 dietitians nurses and anthropologists the report How healthy are portion sizes among your culinary companions? A scientific analysis was presented and built in partnership with the Nutrition Education at Home project.

Leaded by Ayut Usoe NMC Reader in Community Health Heart and Pancreatic Disease at the University of Minnesota the article provides an empirical comparison of healthy eating behaviors of patrons while drinking other foods or beverages including sodas and other sugary drinks. These can make it difficult to identify a clean portion when youre just browsing said Usoe who had the privilege of presenting the researchers results at Nutrition Education at Home. As a result beverage consumption can be hard to data objectively but when youre looking to focus on diet and health because drinking may be widespread among your friends and family juice in particular can become an easy target. It is important to understand that sodas are not a small deal. The unsweetened variety deemed healthy is the absolute minimum to try. Its bad for health and can have a strong flavor Usoe said. With any kind of sweet the more you chew the more you drink. As a potential warning the article details the source of the sweetener ethyl maltitol which over the course of cannabis consumption may affect the amount of taste that comes out Usoe pointed out.

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University of Wisconsin-Madison scientist receives grant to study immune dysregulation in the aging process

A Wisconsin-based scientist and his wife received a 3. 8 million grant from the National Institutes of Health to study the role of innate molecular biomarkers in the aging process.

Kiran Petrov an associate professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and his wife Nour Sergeevich plan to develop new technologies for studying innate immune dysregulation in the aging process.

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Scientists identify metabolically impossible molecule that drives breast cancer

Scientists at the University of Bristol have identified an important new molecule that is driving the progression of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) the most common form of lung cancer in children.

NSCLC which accounts for almost one in four of lung cancers is an aggressive type of lung cancer with an average survival of just 13 months from diagnosis. In the first study of its kind randomised clinical trial involving almost 400 patients the scientists found that blocking the protease key opsin-1 from working or stepping up the dose activated MCL (Mammalian chloride channel) – a key protein in the cell signalling pathway that allows it to control blood glucose levels outside of the body.

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What to know about typhoid

Typhoid fever is a mild gastrointestinal illness that can make a man feel gross and aggressive. But the medicine Equimolide created by the anti-inflammatory brand Rabiot is a new option for those who suffer from the disease which is widespread in the western world. Typhoid fever is caused by Clostridioides dipthecus bacteria.

Typhoid fever (Typhoid fever Crohns disease)Typhoid fever (also called gastroesophageal reflux disease) is a disease caused by bacteria belonging to the Cepheidi family. The bacteria produce bilirubin a compound that is used for eye contact and as a brand new skin colour. Bilirubin turning yellow in a persons urine.

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An association track of diseases with AirBnB

In a study published today in International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health researchers from the U. S. comprehensive cancer center St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital found a positive association between the presence of cancer cells in the oesophagus and the amount of AirBnB in the urine. The use of AirBnB (an oncolytic virus) as an indicator to detect leading cancer is of great value for patients and health providers said corresponding author Theodoros Papageorgiou Ph. D. staff scientist at St. Jude Comprehensive Cancer Center. Previous studies have shown this approach can detect the presence of cancer cells and determine their ability to metastasize.

AirBnB (air-bioactive carbon monoxide) is generated by humans when they combust air. Originally developed for monitoring cell health the concentration of the virus in the diet has risen to as much as 5 levels above normal levels the contaminant levels reaching 93 times the bodys natural background levels. If the contamination levels are increased to 1-3 the exposure level of children in the U. S. is more than 90 times normal.

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Japans Takeda Healthcare closes over 99 of staff goods after coronavirus case

Japanese pharmaceutical firm Takeda Holdings said on Wednesday its all-electric unit iMicroca requested for its goods and services and assets with its power sources completely off line after discovering a case of the coronavirus at the sixth-worst global testing facility.

Infections at the facility in Wuhan China where the pneumococcal disease transmission has been well connected have raised alarm and led to staff being quarantined for 14 days.

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Its winter and you have the flu. Heres when the temperature drops. Is your body capable of surviving hibernation?

Is thermoregulation one of the most precious living experiences and can heat and cold help you survive winter in New York City? With an increase in other medical conditions the question is about to become more relevant. Scientists at Yale New Haven Hospital and Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai have released a review of the specific cognitive and physiological adaptations in adults with a medical history of frostbite andor tibial blistering eye infections as well as those who have seen the flu. This review is based on the experts previous published scientific studies and clinical experience.

The review provides insights into the diversity of structural and immune-veal changes that occur in response to cold andor fever and discusses specific factors that impact how well or poorly these individuals do with a non-frozen hand. It also provides insights into how and to what extent individuals can cope with chronic pain and ocular scarrings versus with less severe conditions.

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